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The Prophet of Life Ministries

The Prophet of Life Ministries

                                              The Prophet of Life Ministries
                                          The New Age Revelations Ministry
                                     Bringing Humanity New Messages from God
                                  Teaching Humanity A New Way To Look At Life

There is a living Prophet who receives messages and new revelations from God. His ministry
is alive on the internet. He has no churches, does not accept donations but unlike previous
prophets The Prophet of Life writes the messages form God down to avoid confusion. The
messages he receives can change your perceptions and change your life. Among The
Prophet of Life's revelations are Spiritual DNA, the Secret to understanding the purpose 
of Life the Secret of why God's will is always done, and the Unity of Prophecy. While
others will answer your tough questions with platitudes like "The Lord Works In Mysterious
ways." The Prophetof Life will tell you the truth, because he alone knows it.  His quotes are
used by Institutes ofvmedicine & higher learning. His books aresold globally on Amazon. This
website will tell you more about The Prophet of Life. 

May Address to the World: Where is God In This Global Crisis?

In these time of Global Pandemic many are suffering. Many also wonder if this is a punishment from God. It is not. God is here for you. God did not cause this but faith can help ease its adverse affects. Some spiritual leaders will say that COVID-19 is a punishment from God . They will use it as an opportunity to try and leverage others into converting to their version of God. There is no need for you to do this. They cannot offer protection. They will not solve all of your problems.

God is here for you. God Loves you no matter what others tell you. God loves you even when others do not.  God believes in you even if you do not believe in God. While you may think that God has abandoned you God has not. God's love is stronger than any adversity that you experience here on earth. If you call upon God for help you shall receive it, although you might not receive exactly what you are asking for you will receive that which God knows you need.  God is not going to come out of the sky and save you. That is not how God works. Anyone who tells you that doesn't know God. You are a great soul. A great spirit in the flesh. A spirit in the material word. Once you realize this. Once you realize that your here in the world today, as a spirit in the flesh to learn the lessons that life is teaching you everyday. Then no one can ever harm you again. No adversity will ever devastate you. No loss will ever defeat you. Rise. Rise to your destiny. 

Some of the things I can teach you have the power to change the way you look at your life. In so doing they can change your life. God has always been in your life. God has always been communicating with you. You just didn't know how to listen. These few truths that you have learned right now can empower you to begin your journey. This can begin you actually seeing God working in your life. Where is God in this Global Pandemic Crisis? God is where God has always been. Right by your side. 

Our Prophet of Life Ministries website:  www.prophetoflife The Prophet of Life You Tube Channel:  http://www.youtube.com/user/thetrueprophetoflife  The Prophet of Life's official blog, Insight, The Blog of The Prophet of Life: https://edgeucationnewmedia.wordpress.com/category/interfaith-blogs/    and through blogs and you tube channels in various parts of the world, the Prophet of Life spreads his messages and teachings throughout the globe,  allowing anyone with an internet connection, anywhere in the world, to read them.

Part of our ministry includes a collection of books by The Prophet of Life on Amazon Kindle available worldwide through Amazon. 
       Books by The Prophet of Life Available on Amazon: 
1.   Revelations of 2012 Beyond Fatih: Finding God in A Chaotic World
2.   Quotes About God
3.   What Faith Has Taught Me
4.  Finding God without Religion, an Agnostic Path to God
5. The Best Spiritual Quotes
6. Inspiration for All 1 & 2
7. The Faith Tilogy (paperback)

A direct link to these books and a free look inside preview of the books are available on the Our Kindle Books Tab or by following the links tab, both on the top of this page.  Most of the books have been translated into Spanish.
If you type in Loveforce International Publishing Company into any Amazon search bar, anywhere in the world, you will get a listing which includes most, if not all of The Porphet of Life's books. If you type Loveforce International Libros en Espanol into any Amazon search bar you will get The prophet of Life's books in Spanish. Type any of these things intop any Amazon search bar anywhere in the world and you will get the Prophet of Life's books as well as those by other Loveforce International authors. A direct link to these books  are available on the Our Kindle Books Tab or by following the links tab, both on the top of this page.
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Quote of The Week

Quote of The Week

Popular Quotes: 

                 “People often wonder why God allows hunger, poverty and war in our world. Perhaps God wonders why we allow it.
                                            ---The Prophet of Life    From the Kindle Book Quotes About God

                                              "Failure is not truly a failure unless you fail to learn from it." The Prophet of Life 2013

                             Other Quotes on our mind:
                                     "Revolution is Evolution." ---The Prophet of Life  2010
                                      From The Book Revelations of 2012, The Path of Possibilities.

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Questions for The Prophet of Life? see Contact Tab above

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