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The Prophet of Life Ministries

The Prophet of Life Ministries

                                               The Prophet of Life Ministries
                                          The New Age Revelations Ministry
                                Bringing Humanity New Messages from God,
                             Teaching Humanity A New Way To Look At Life
Welcome! Our ministry is different from other ministries you have seen or heard of. We don’t ask you for monetary donations. We will never send someone to your home to try and convert you. We are an internet based, electronic ministry which focusses on the teachings of The Prophet of Life.
The Prophet of Life is a Prophet who receives messages from God. This is a New Age Revelations Ministry. It is different from other ministries because it is based on new Revelations from God that offer enlightenment and insight to humanity.The Lord told The Prophet of Life that humanity is currently in a transitional period and the messages sent are meant to help humanity through this transition. The Prophet of Life’s Ministry is not to establish a new religion but merely to provide humanity with new information that will allow people to enjoy their individual faith in God more deeply.
The Prophet of Life Ministries include:
The Electronic Global Pulpit- Through our prophet of life website:  www.prophetoflife The Prophet of Life You Tube Channel:  http://www.youtube.com/user/thetrueprophetoflife  His official blog, Insight, The Blog of The Prophet of Life: https://edgeucationnewmedia.wordpress.com/category/interfaith-blogs/    and through blogs and you tube channels in various parts of the world, the Prophet of Life spreads his messages and teachings throughout the globe,  allowing anyone with an internet connection, anywhere in the world, to read them.
Revelations Ministry- Spreading messages From God contained in Revelations of 2012, The Path of Possibilities (ISBN: 978-1-93646200-1) throughout the world.
People of Faith Ministry- An Interfaith Ministry spreading the teachings of The Prophet of Life to people of all faiths.
People of God Ministries- A Ministry for agnostics who have not joined or don’t believe in organized religion.  
Global Issues Pulpit- The Prophet of Life’s writings on current events, news stories, and secular issues which affect humanity.
Change Agents For Humanity: People of all faiths making positive changes in the world.
Global Liberation Initiative: People of all faiths praying, and taking action to end slavery, free non- violent political prisoners, and abolish debtors prisons across the globe.

       Books by The Prophet of Life Available on Kindle: 
1.   Revelations of 2012 Beyond Fatih: Finding God in A Chaotic World
2.   Quotes About God
3.   What Faith Has Taught Me
4.   Black in America
5.   True Stories of Inspiration & General Interest
6.   Reflections in The Mirror of Life
7.  Finding God without Religion, an Agnostic Path to God
8.  True Stories of Crime and Punishment
9.  Controversy
10. The Best Quotes about Topics of General Interest
11. The Best Spiritual Quotes
12.The Prophert of Life Reader 9  Book Sampler
13. Inspiration for All 1 & 2
14. Life Success Kit
15. The Loveforce International Reader 1 & 2
16. The Faith Tilogy (paperback)

 Nine of the books on the list: Controversy, Quotes About God,  True Stories of Inspiration & General Interest, What Faith has Taught Me, Inspiration for All 1 & 2, True Stories of Crime & Punishment,  Life Success Kit and The Loveforce International Reader 1  have been translated into Spanish.
A direct link to these books and a free look inside preview of the books are available on the Our Kindle Books Tab or by following the links tab, both on the top of this page. 
Quote of The Week

Quote of The Week

Popular Quotes: 

                 “People often wonder why God allows hunger, poverty and war in our world. Perhaps God wonders why we allow it.
                                            ---The Prophet of Life    From the Kindle Book Quotes About God

                                              "Failure is not truly a failure unless you fail to learn from it." The Prophet of Life 2013

                             Other Quotes on our mind:
                        "A Dram Queen cannot exist without an audience." The Prophet of Life From The Gaia Website 2006
                                     "Revolution is Evolution." ---The Prophet of Life  2010
                                      From The Book Revelations of 2012, The Path of Possibilities.

Questions for The Prophet of Life? see Contact Tab above

Questions for The Prophet of Life? see Contact Tab above

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follow the Prophet of Life on Twitter

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