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The Prophet of Life Ministries: Global Electronic Pulpit. Through our Prophet of Life Ministries website:  www.prophetoflife The Prophet of Life You Tube Channel:  His official blog, Insight, The Blog of The Prophet of Life    and through blogs and you tube channels in various parts of the world, the Prophet of Life spreads his messages and teachings throughout the globe,  allowing anyone with an internet connection, anywhere in the world, to read them. We also use our Global Electronic Pulpit to address Global Issues including those of a secular basis. 

You can find the informational tracts and free products we offer by scrolling down the Product Categories List at the Left side of this home pageto: Global Electronic Pulpit
There, you can read and download the following for free:

Are We Suffering From Cell Phone Addiction?
The Root of Global Political Conflict
Nelson Mandela, How One Life Can Change The World
The Throwaway Mentality
Humanity and Food
War or Peace?
The World Population Reacher 7 Billion

Prophet of Life BlogsThis page tells about prophet of life blogs that are a free prophet of life exclusive product.
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