The Prophet of Life Ministries Favorite Links
prophet of Life Ministries Favorite Links

prophet of Life Ministries Favorite Links

World Blog Day--Humanity & FoodThe Prophet of Life participates in World Blog Day, October16, 2011with his blog Humanity and Food. Listen to Music co-written with or inspired byThe Prophet of LifeNew Ideas is a revolution in sound and presentation. Hear any of our songs in their complete form for free and be abeleto purchase any that you wish to take with you. The Prophet of Life ReaderWhat do cell phone addiction, a smart spouse, faith, a gangster, your reputation, spiritual DNA and a rotten egg war have in common? They are all in this sampling of stories, poems and other writings from 10 of The Prophet of Life's Kindle books. ControversyWhat do Caitlyn Jenner, Donald Trump, a cure for AIDS, Chinese hackers, Adolf Hitler and Global Warming have in common? They are all at the heart of a controversy and there are stories about them in this unique book that turns tabloid headlines inside out.
Author Central on KindleHere is where you can find The Prophet of Life's Author page with profile and listing of Kindle books by The Prophet of Life The Faith TrilogyThis Faith Trilogy Paperback includes three faith filled books: What Faith Has Taught Me, The Best Quotes About God and Inspiration for All: Selected Inspirational Writings. The Best Spiritual QuotesThis book is filled with some of the more popular quotes on Spiritual Subjects attributed to The Prophet of Life. Included are quotes on faith, mercy, life lessons, humanity and spirituality. You should find them to be profound, thought provoking and inspirational. It is filled with many pages of quotes that one can read and copy for personal use. Life Success KitThis book looks at success and helps you clarify what is success for you. It has different ways of looking at success, failure, suffering and sacrifice. It gives you a blueprint for making changes in your life, advice on avoiding some common pitfalls and provides you with motivational quotes and examples of inspirational lives that have changed the world.
Inspiration for All 1Selected Inspirational Writings. Whether you are of faith or just in need of inspiration in your life, this book full of inspirational stories, poems and essays will sustain and strengthen you on your journey. inspiration for All 2This is a book of selected inspirational writings by three different authors. It will not only entertain you but will also stimulate your mind by offering you alternative ways of looking at things and opportunities to gain insights. The Loveforce International Reader Volume 1What do a muscle man, a Columbine disciple, a spider, a love poem, Big Foot and quotes about God have in common? They are all in this sampler of seven different stories from seven different books by three different authors. The Prophet of Life Reader Volume 2What does Love, Police Shootings, Adolph Hipster, A Drama Queen, spirituality and the need to prove one's existance have in common? They are all in this sampler of 7 different writings from 7 different books by The Prophet of Life!
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