Love Force International Publishing
Welcome to the Love Force International Publishing page at on this site we offer online books. Our definition of an online book is a book that is sold exclusively online. The book can be printed and bound, or an e-book but it is sold online. On this site we offer a variety of books in a variety of genres including New Age Spiritual (Revelations of 2012), Poetry (Reflections in the Mirror of Life), Satire (The Best of Wild Times and My First Book of Sick Little Fables), Short Stories (Slices of Life) and Children’s Books (The Schmoo). We even have musical play script (Jesus). Many of the books offered here are Prophet of Life exclusive products and can be unique gifts. Whether you are looking to read about life, prophecy, revelations, 2012 or to read something that makes you laugh hysterically, you’ll find something you like here.
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