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A Matter of PerspectiveA Thought Provoking Parable by The Prophet of Life
Open Letter To The People of AfricaIn his Open Letter to the People of Afirca, Haiti and Chile, The Prophet of Life reveals information he has received from God regarding The Rapture ocurring in 2012.
The Tenants of Revelations of 2012This Prophet of Life Free Blog, The Tenants of the Revelations of 2012 highlights some of the main concepts revealed to The Prophet of Life by God.
What If The Purpose of Life Is To Learn?This tells about the Prophet of Life Ministries People of God Ministry tract: What If The Purpose of Life Is To learn What It Has To Teach Us?
What is Revelations of 2012 all about?A blog describing the book Revelations of 2012 by The Prophet of Life.
Where Was God?This tells about the Prophet of Life Ministries, People of Faith Tract Where Was God?
Who is The Prophet of Life?Blog about the identity of the Prophet of Life
Prophet of Life Blogs

Prophet of Life Blogs


This is where you can find blogs by The Prophet of Life. Blogs will be on different subjects. This is a Prophet of Life exclusive product and an opportunity to view information by or about The Prophet of Life.

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