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Finding God in A Chaotic WorldThe world can seem so chaotic these days. Many people long for guidance. Many others want to get closer to God. How do you find God amidst the chaos and confusion? How can you discern God’s messages from the multi-media blitz we are each bombarded with every day? Some people are part of an organized religion. Others are spiritual without a particular religion. Some are still searching, All of them trying to find God. This book will show you how. An E Book based on elements within Revelations of 2012.
Black In America by The Prophet of LifeBlack in America is an exploration of racism in America through essays and poems. It spans from the beginnings of the civil rights movement through today, including a powerful new poem "Baltimore" and a perspective on the church shooting in South Carolina. It takes a look at people who have been lightning rods for race relations in America and has some surprising insights into the people and events that have shaped race relations in America for the past 50 years. Issued on the 50th anniversary of The March on Selma Alabama (1965), this book is a good companion for anyone who wants to commemorate that event, the Civil Rights Movement itself or gain insight into race relations and racism itself.
True Stories of Inspiration and General InterestTrue Stories of Inspiration & General Interest Brings together stories and poems about celebrities, trends and everyday people. Sometimes surprising, always interesting, it will entertain you and give you something to think about at the same time.
What Faith has Taught MeIn this jam packed volume, spiritual and inspirational thought leader, The Prophet of Life shares faith based, spiritual insights and life lessons that can help inspire and guide you towards living your best life.
Finding God without Religion, an Agnostic Path to GodPeople of faith are not exclusive to religion. There are many who are spiritual or agnostic. They don't fit into the doctrine, rituals or congregational community of religion. In this wisdom filled volume, people of faith but without an organized religion can gain insights into life, the afterlife and God without being guilt tripped into conversion. This volume is Book 2 of the Revelations of 2012 Beyond Faith series. Part 1 is entitled Finding God in A Chaotic World.
Reflections in The Mirror of Life"Reflections in The Mirror of Life" is not your typical book of Poetry. This book is in sync with the beat of the streets and the rhythm of life..It explores life through its harsh realities, pleasant diversions and positive possibilities. It focuses modern society, the problems it faces, and the people who are a part of it. In a unique twist that's different from most books of poetry, Reflections is divided into five chapters, each of which explores a different theme woven into the fabric of modern life. The tone for each chapter is set by a free verse poem which is followed by a series of rhyming poems on that theme.
Stories of Crime and PunishmentThis is a book of serious crime stories ripped from headlines all over the globe. From the family that vanished to the 11 year old girl killed in a fight over a boy to the prisoner who hasn't eaten in 14 years to the severed human head found near the famous Hollywood sign, each story tells about the crime and what happened to the criminal in a way that will astound you and give you pause to think.
The Prophet of Life ReaderWhat do cell phone addiction, a smart spouse, faith, a gangster, your reputation, spiritual DNA and a rotten egg war have in common? They are all in this sampling of stories, poems and other writings from 10 of The Prophet of Life's Kindle books.
ControversyWhat do Caitlyn Jenner, Donald Trump, a cure for AIDS, Chinese hackers, Adolf Hitler and Global Warming have in common? They are all at the heart of a controversy and there are stories about them in this unique book that turns tabloid headlines inside out.
Quotes About GodQuotes About God This short book is filled with some of the more popular quotes about God attributed to The Prophet of Life. It is both thought provoking and inspirational. It is filled with dozens of quotes about God that one can read and copy for personal use.
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