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Description: Change Agents For Humanity

Description: Change Agents For Humanity

Have you ever thought of doing something to make the world a better place?

If you could do something simple that could have a big effect, something that only cost you a few minutes of your time?

Would you do it?

Introducing Change Agents For Humanity.
Change Agents For Humanity, part of the Global Independence Initiative,  is a simple concept that can change the world one person at a time.

All you have to do to join is  find the “Change Agents For Humanity” page on the left side of the homepage and read the 5 areas that benefit humanity or our planet. Then write about something you did that benefitted humanity and / or the planet in one of five areas:  helping people in need, helping other living beings (plants and / or animals), helping the planet (through cleaning or recycling), helping the spiritual ambiance of the world (by staying positive and performing random acts of kindness),and finally, by educating people whenever you can (by telling others of something good you have done, or posting it on your social media page as well as logging onto and filling out a contact form so that we can tell others about your good works as well.  There are no dues, fees or charges of any kind for membership.

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