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The 5 Ways You Can Help Others

The 5 Ways You Can Help Others

5 Ways You Can Help Others

By The Prophet of Life

On Behalf of Change Agents For Humanity

  1.   Give food, clothing or toiletries directly to a homeless person or someone in need.
  2.   Find out about food banks, homeless shelters and battered women’s shelters in your area and find out what you can donate (like toys, toiletries) or time as a volunteer.
  3. Donate something you created (like arts or crafts) to a children’s hospital, orphanage, convalescent home or cancer ward. Volunteer to perform for or read to patients.
  4. Read mail to someone who is illiterate or help them fill out forms or understand documents.
  5. Run errands or perform household chores to a sick or elderly shut in.

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