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The 5 Ways You Can Help Plants and Animals

The 5 Ways You Can Help Plants and Animals

5 Ways You Can Help Plants and Animals

By The Prophet of Life

On Behalf of Change Agents For Humanity

1.          Help a wild animal in need. Make your home or yard bird friendly. Help a fallen baby bird back into its nest (put on gloves first), learn how to raise baby animals yourself. Get injured animals to a wild animal sanctuary or rescue.
2.           Help animals that are pets. Help a lost pet find its owner or owner find their lost pet. Adopt a stray or animal from a shelter or rescue group.
3.           Donate pet food, animal supplies or your volunteer time to the humane society, or a     pet or animal sanctuary, zoo, nature or rescue center.
4.           Help clean beaches, parks and nature preserves as a volunteer or help keep them clean when you visit them.
5.           Help conserve and preserve public lands for nature areas, parklands, forests beaches. Advocate to preserve and expand nature areas, parklands, forests and beaches for public use through letter writing and emails.

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