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The 5 Ways You Can Help The Planet

The 5 Ways You Can Help The Planet

5 Ways You Can Help The Planet

By The Prophet of Life

On Behalf of Change Agents For Humanity

1.          Recycle, reuse and repurpose cardboard, paper, plastic, metal and glass items and packaging you use in your life.
2.           Conserve water, gas and electric energy you use in your home personal life.
3.           Find out if your town or trash collection company have a recycling program. If they do participate in it. If they do not, ask them why not.
4.           Ask local businesses you patronize and schools and government agencies in your area if they have a recycling program for products and packaging they use. If they do find out about it. If they don’t ask them why not.
5.           Write a letter or send an email to any in numbers 3 and 4 that do not have a recycling program asking them to start one. Be sure to include items and packaging they use which can be recycled. 

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