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The 5 Ways You Can Help Improve Earth's Spiritual Ambiance

The 5 Ways You Can Help Improve Earth's Spiritual Ambiance

5 Ways to Help Improve the Spiritual Ambiance of Our Planet

By The Prophet of Life

On Behalf of Change Agents For Humanity

1.           Speak to others honestly. Say hello to people you see, even if they are strangers. This act helps break down the isolation. Talk to the people you care about and let them know how you really feel about them.
              Share your thoughts of love for them and try to address and resolve any issues that you may have with each other.

2.       Pray. Prayer to God, no matter what form it takes, increases both your connection with God and the planets connection to God.

3.       Listen when others talk to you. Listen before you speak in a conversation. Listening builds understanding.

4.       Seek to understand. Try to really understand the messages other people are conveying to you.

5.       Stay Positive & Perform random acts of kindness whenever possible
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