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The 5 Ways To Help Educate Others

The 5 Ways To Help Educate Others

5 Ways You Can Help Educate Others
By The Prophet of Life
On Behalf of Change Agents For Humanity
1.        Go Online to open the Contact Us tab on the top of the homepage and fill it out. Be sure to write what you did in the comment section. Then press Submit.

2.       Tell your friends and relatives both in person and through social media, about the good things you are doing to help the planet, advance humanity and to make the world a little bit better.

3.       Search for & forward articles on topics under # 2,  (like recycling or helping the homeless) to people you know or organizations you belong to.

4.       Read articles or stories on topics appropriate to # 2 to others at libraries, schools, recreation or senior centers.

5.       Write Letters and Emails to politicians, corporations or individuals advocating for causes or laws appropriate to # 2.

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