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Things Our Change Agents Are Doing

Things Our Change Agents Are Doing

Things Change Agents For Humanity Are Doing o Change The World:

Helping Others:

I took a homeless man to a restaurant and bought him lunch.
P. James, Chicago IL USA

I gave alms to the poor as Allah commands.
Z Alesabury, Medina, Saudi Arabia

I took a friend with Ebola to the hospital.
W. Umbatu, Sierra Leone

I helped an elderly woman carry water to her home.
D. Gupta, Akot, Marharastra, India

Helping Animals

I rescued a bird that fell from it's nest. I used gloves and was delighted when
its mother came back a few minutes later and fed it.
A. Fabres, Antwerp, Belgium

I rescued some worms from the gutter  on a rainy day and put them in my garden.
M. Nottingham, London UK

My neighbors moved away and left their 3 year old cat Mr. Whiskers behind. I rescued him and made him my pet. 
W. Baker Indianapolis IN USA

I rescued some sand crabs that were in a broken bottle on a sidewalk 300 yards from the beach. I picked
them all up and took them to the shore. I watched them dig and escape to their home beneath the shore.
P. Anderson, Santa Monica CA USA

I rescued and adopted an elderly dog from a local kill animal shelter. 
L. Wilkins, Eureka CA USA

I rescued a duckling that had fallen into a drainage pipe to the sewer as its mother looked on.
E. Durham, Victoria Australia.

Helping The Planet

I got a local Mc Donalds to recycle their paper products.
N. Paulson, Portland OR USA

I have a compost heap to help recycle plant clippings and shavings.
H. Su, Vietnam

I recycled some metal scraps I had in my garage.
J. Gilespie, Toronto Ont Canada

I built a barn out of recycled wood.
J. Bedford Nebraska USA
I recyle beer bottles and cans. 
G. Muich, Bonn Germany

Helping Uplift The Spiritual Ambiance of The Planet

I went to my local Post Office and answered a "Letter To Santa" by donating
the requested gift to a child in need.
H. Carson, Philadelphia PA USA

I walked down the street and said hello to random strangers. I was surprised
how many said hello back.
J. Barajas, Sao Paolo, Brazil

I said a prayer for the people who have cancer. 
R. Andretti, Florence, Italy

Helping to Educate The World

I donated good books to a local library.
N. Jessup, Greenville NC USA.

I wrote a letter to the editor of a local paper about an environmental issue.
S. Blessing, Paduccah KY USA

I donated 1% of money i spent at Target to benefit a local elementary school.
K. Jones, Tucson AZ

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