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The Verdict in Ferguson

The Verdict in Ferguson

The Verdict in Ferguson
No matter how the jury decides in the Michael Brown case, people should act with decorum. Brown was a young black man who was shot to death by a local police officer. The officer’s version of events state that Brown tried to take the officer’s gun away from him, a struggle ensued and the officer’s gun went off.  Eye witnesses who knew Brown say that the officer shot Brown for no reason. A Grand Jury is investigating the shooting.
Their decision is expected any day now.
If the Grand Jury decides that the shooting was justified, civil rights groups as well as some local citizens are expected to protest. If The Grand Jury finds that Brown’s shooting was criminal, people may still protest depending on the Grand Jury’s recommendation regarding the criminal extent of the officer’s culpability. Not taking chances with public safety The Missouri Governor called in the Highway patrol (State Police) to help control the situation if protests turn violent or if rioting begins.
Whatever the Grand Jury decides it is important to remember a few things. First, the grand Jury is the only group of people who will review all of the available evidence. Not heresy, not gossip, nor rumors but actual, physical, evidence. If they find that the situation was, as the officer described it, that is likely what the evidence supported. Second, if the decision is not what civil rights groups and local citizens expect, it is important to keep protests peaceful.
Protest peacefully. Appeal to the Federal Government to file a suit based on the denial of Michael Brown’s constitutional right to life. Write newspaper columns, blogs and letters. Stir up public opinion. Just don’t react with violence.
Anger and rage at the various injustices in America. Let alone the overt and covert racism is understandable. Violence is not. The point of racism is to dehumanize those targeted by the racism. Violence as a reaction to injustice provides ammunition to racists. It lets them say with pride: “See, they act like animals, they aren’t human!” It makes America Remember only the violence and forget the injustice behind it. It becomes a justification for racism.
In true Faith,
The Prophet of Life
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