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Teacher: Free Song Lyric

Teacher: Free Song Lyric

free song lyric
Teacher: Free Song Lyric
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A Song Teacherz

Words and Melody By M. Wilkins,

Music By D. Brewer, M. Nagaoka, P. Eberhardt


I build the future of this nation

One child at a time

I help them shape their dreams

And give them wings to fly

I educate your kids

And teach them not to hate

Teach them how to read and write

And all that you can say is


I’m a Teacher

But I’m your teacher

I’m just a teacher


You make me jump through hoops

Get credentials and degrees

Then pay me less than those who are

Less educated than me

The conditions that I work in

Are usually third world

But you complain when I advocate

On behalf of boys and girls

(repeat chorus)

Musical Bridge


Tie me down with unfunded mandates

Like No Child Left Behind

Give me a pinto budget

Expect a Cadillac ride

But its you who made the system

And you who refuse to change

And I who wonders who really

Has their priorities straight

(Repeat Chorus)

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