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One World, One People: Free Song Lyric

One World, One People: Free Song Lyric

free song lyric
One World, One People: Free Song Lyric
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One World, One People

A Song Inspired by  The Prophet of Life


Things are rough all over these days my friend

Sometimes it seems hard times will never end

But when realities nightmares come creeping

At times when I’m not sleeping

I call on inner strength to make them pass away

Cause I know,

Yes I know

In my heart of hearts I know

That everything will be okay


Cause we’ve got one world

One people

Two sexes

Both equal

Sixteen billion eyes

Eight billions souls see through them

But just one race

And that is human


People looking to find the solutions to

Problems that confront them both old and new

In times of desperation

Inner communication

Brings forth an understanding light

And they’ll know

Yes they’ll know

In their heart of hearts they will know

That everything will be alright

(repeat chorus)

Vamp out by adding:

One world, one people

(Several times, then adding)

Ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh, ah

Uh,uh,uh, uh

(repeat several times, fade)

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