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Skids: Free Song Lyric

Skids: Free Song Lyric

free song lyric
Skids: Free Song Lyric
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A Song by Prophet of Life


I used to work construction

Built skyscrapers of concrete and steel

I used to be a truck driver

Thousands of miles passed beneath my wheels

I used to be a soldier

Fought to keep this nation free

I used to be a father

And I raised a family

I used to be a surgeon

Healed people with my hands

I used to be all kinds of useful things

before my luck went bad


I’m on the skids

Out on the skids

Somehow my life slipped backwards

And I’m on the skids


I’m living in an alley

I’m sleeping in a box

I get my meals from trash cans

I guard my cart like it was Fort Knox

Can’t visualize my future

I’m haunted by my past

I wake up every morning

Wondering if it’s my last

I dream of turning my life around

I pray it’s not too late

I just turned 44

But I feel like I’m 88

(Repeat Chorus)


On the skids, skids, skids

I’m on the skids, skids, skids


I wanted to catch the gravy train

But it just passed me by

Now this bottle of Night Train’s

The only train I can afford to ride

I’m on the skids

Somebody help me out

Lost on the skids

Somebody help me now

Prisoner of the skids

Out on the skids

Lost on the skids

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