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Who is The Prophet of Life?

Who is The Prophet of Life?

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No one really knows who The Prophet of Life is. In his book Revelations of 2012 he describes himself “as common as the dirt” and says “If you passed me on the street, you wouldn’t give me a second look.” He also says “I work for my daily bread just as you do.” We do not know who he is, where he lives, what kind of work he does and how he lives. Perhaps that is the point.

If no one actually knows who The Prophet of Life is, he could be anybody. He could be the person sitting next to you on the bus or a passenger in the car next to you when you drive to work. He could be the person delivering your mail, waiting on your table or picking up your trash. His anonymity gives him strength. It allows people to concentrate on the message instead of the messenger. His message is for everybody from all cultures, all walks of life, all nations. It may be written in English but it communicates to everyone across the globe through the language of your heart and with an accent unique to your soul.

Is The Prophet of Life a prophet? Is he an author? Is he just a retail icon? Is he merely a human being? Or… Is he all of these things? The Prophet of Life describes himself as a prophet. He describes a prophet as a carrier of The Word (God’s Messages). He describes himself as a carrier of The Word.

Is the Prophet of Life an author? The Prophet of Life has written a great many things among them Revelations of 2012 a book of messages from God which form the basis for his life philosophy. The book can be read as either The Word or a book of life philosophy depending on the perception of the reader. The Prophet of Life has also written a book of poetry entitled “Reflections in the Mirror of Life”. A book which delves into six themes about life with an initial free verse poem, followed by a series of rhyming poems which further explore the theme. The Prophet of Life is also working on an autobiography. It is tentatively entitled “A Life Unlike Any Other.” He also writes songs and his songs have been recorded by several recording artists.

The Prophet of Life has a large number of quotes. His quotes have been used by a number of organizations, companies and by individuals who draw insight and inspiration from them. Some of the Prophet of Life’s most famous quotes are:

“Your Perception determines your reality.” “The future isn’t hard to predict, your actions today determine your benefits or consequences tomorrow.” “Some people learn from their mistakes. Others avoid making mistakes by learning from the mistakes of others.” “Love heals the world one heart at a time.”Since everyone is worthy of God's love, no one is worthless." "Even the poorest among us deserve the dignity of equality."

Is The prophet of Life a retail icon? Many say, perhaps The Prophet of Life doesn’t really exist at all. Perhaps he is merely an icon created by an advertisement agency like Betty Crocker or Uncle Ben. This domain hosts some items created and or inspired by him which are sold here but many things are also given away free because we believe The Prophet of Life would want it that way. The Prophet of Life is an actual human being. Some may believe that marketing and The Lord are incongruent. To those we submit one word: Religion. Religion is a philosophy of life based on a particular belief in God that is mass marketed through word of mouth, print, mass media and iconic symbols.

Marketing has always been a part of spreading The Word.

Above all, The Prophet of Life is merely a human being. If he has been involved in a few miracles, he has been involved as a human being. He has lived, and worked and struggled along side you. Who he is isn’t really important. What he has to say is the real purpose of his existence.

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