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What is Revelations of 2012  all about?

What is Revelations of 2012 all about?

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Q: There are many books about 2012, how is Revelations of 2012 different?

A: Revelations of 2012 was written by a prophet. It isn’t speculation on what someone else may have prophesized about 2012. Revelations of 2012 focuses on revelations about life itself with 2012 as a context.

Q: How was Revelations 2012 written?

A: Over a period of years The Lord sent messages to The Prophet of Life. These messages were revelations about life, suffering, the afterlife, and many other topics. The Prophet of Life wrote these messages down and put them together in one book entitled Revelations of 2012.

Q: How did The Lord send messages to The Prophet of Life?

Messages were sent by a form of psychic dictation. The messages would flood into the mind of The Prophet of Life. He would then sit at his computer and write them down. Sometimes he would get a few sentences or paragraphs, other times, a major portion of a whole chapter.

Who is The Prophet of Life?

The Prophet of Life is a person who lives a life similar to everyone else. He works every day to earn his daily bread, he goes to the movies, surfs the internet and enjoys the peace and quiet of his home. He does not advertise his birth name because he believes that the message is important and not the messenger. He therefore uses the name The Lord gave him which is The Prophet of Life.

How many copies of Revelations of 2012 have been printed?

The initial test pressing for Revelations of 2012 was a mere 1,000 copies. The short print should make this initial pressing highly collectable and very valuable. When these initial 1,000 are gone, a much large pressing using new plates and some changes will be issued. Only copies sold through Prophet of will include an inscription and autograph by the author as a “Prophet of Life Exclusive Product”.

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