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The Tenants of Revelations of 2012

The Tenants of Revelations of 2012

The Tenants of the Revelations of 2012

As revealed to humanity by The Prophet of Life in the limited edition book Revelations of 2012

ISBN # 9791936462001

2012 is not the end it is merely the end of the beginning and the beginning of a change in the way humanity views itself, The Lord and our world.

The Lord is not ever changing, humanity’s ability to understand that which is The Lord evolves in increments over long periods of time.

The Revelations of 2012 are made possible by humanity’s advances in science.

Just as all living beings have a physical DNA, all living beings have a spiritual DNA.

The Lord so loves all of life that all living beings are endowed with a part of The Lord in their spiritual DNA.

The Lord communicates with everyone.

The Lord communicates to all living beings indirectly through events, things that others tell them and through the transference of thoughts and or dreams. This transference can occur both in conscious and semi conscious states.

The Lord uses Agents to communicate on The Lord’s behalf.

All people have acted as agents of The Lord at one time or another.

The Lord does not work in mysterious ways, humanity merely operates with limited knowledge and  many do not understand nor appreciate the logic, beauty and correctness of The Lord’s works.

All living beings everywhere are aware of The Lord but understand The Lord in differing degrees.

All life is precious and every life has a purpose unto God.

All human beings have a mission in life.

To kill a living being is to kill a part of The Lord. To help a living being is to help a part of The Lord. Kindness for kindness sake confers The Blessings of The Lord upon both the one who is kind and the one who they are kind to.

On the planet we call Earth there is only one race of people and that is human.

All populations have a life cycle. If humanity’s life cycle were compared to that of a living human, humanity is currently in a transitional period, emerging from its teenage period into early adulthood.

Like all transitional periods, this one could be traumatic if humanity continues to defy The Word of God and continues to operate competitively and uncooperatively.

The Lord has entrusted this planet and all living beings on this planet to humanity.

This planet shall be a heaven or hell of humanity’s making.

Humanity shall make its own future. The Lord will not come out of the sky and rescue humanity, it is up to humanity to rescue itself.

Humanity has, within its knowledge base, the solution to all of its past, current and future problems.

The solution to humanity’s problems will not emanate from one culture or one group of cultures but from the sum total of knowledge from all cultures both ancient and modern.

The Lord sends enlightened beings to provide humanity with information to advance humanity’s understanding of The Lord as it evolves. Humanity calls these enlightened beings Prophets.

The Lord reveals The Lord’s Word to Prophets. There are both Major and Minor Prophets.

All the Major Prophets, past, present and future, are connected through spiritual DNA.

Prophets, like all living beings, have a regular life and a spiritual life in their incarnation. There is some degree of separation between the Prophet and the person and between The Prophecy and the person.

Although they may seem contradictory, The Word revealed to each Major Prophet are all actually quite similar. The original revelation of each Major Prophet is the information that humanity needed at the time it was revealed. There are timeless kernels of truth in all of them.

There will be a total of 13 Major Prophets sent to humanity. The Prophet of Life is the sixth. Seven more will follow him. At least one of them will be female.

Just as there is a physical trilogy of physical DNA for all living beings at the beginning of life, there is a trilogy of spiritual DNA for all living beings at the end of life.

The true nature of The Lord, in its totality will not be known until all beings have gone through their incarnation cycle.

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