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Open Letter To The People of Africa

Open Letter To The People of Africa

An Open Letter

To The People of the African Continent, Haiti, Chile

and followers of those who prophesize The End of Days or The Rapture in 2012. 

Dear Friends in God,                                                September 17, 2011

I am not a person known to you. I am not a person of importance but The Lord has spoken to me and asked me to relay this message to you.

The Lord loves and cherishes each of you, each and every one of your lives, and does not wish harm to befall you. The Lord does not desire you to quit life because you have been told the world will end or the rapture will descend upon you. The rapture will not come in 2012. The world will not end in 2012. All those that have told you so have been misinformed or have misinterpreted the message. Something will happen in 2012, something big but it will not be perceptible to most people and it will be many, many years until most people will look back and say, “that is when it began”. 

As 2012 winds to a close and all of those who falsely predicted the end of the world or rapture realize that they have been misinformed they will change their story, say they have received new, improved or altered information and try to “Spin” their way out of the fact that they were wrong after having ruined countless lives. Will there be natural disasters in 2012? Of course there will. Will there be earthquakes somewhere in the “Ring of Fire” as geologists call the parts of the ocean near continents that have volcanoes and earthquakes (places like Haiti, Chile, and parts of Africa) of course there will, but haven’t there always?

With the world economy the way it currently is and the heightened sensitivity towards cataclysms of biblical proportions, some will fall prey to the hype that accompanies the end of times predictions.

The Lord has revealed to me that 2012 will not be the end of time but merely the end of the beginning. Humanity is currently changing from puberty into adulthood. With this change shall come new benefits along with new responsibilities.  The age of childish beliefs and actions is coming to an end. The time to face up to adult responsibilities is coming into fruition. True faith does not depend upon miracles or wish fulfillment to sustain itself. The Lord is not your fairy godmother.

 I will not perform miracles for you. I will not raise the dead or heal the afflicted. I will, however, teach you how to overcome the things in life that have drained away your spirit. I will help you find your path. You may never see me. You may never know who I am but I will be there to help you and guide you and liberate you from the belief that you are unworthy. I will, from time to time send you messages. I have been sending them for some time but you just didn’t know how to listen.

You were born in darkness but you will make your own light and that light will help you understand just how strongly connected to The Lord you really are. Once you have this understanding, you as a person and humanity as a race, one person at a time, will change everything and all of the problems that plague us, all of the religious hatred, poverty, disease and strife that have plagued humanity since the dawn of time will begin to disappear.

 I will issue a special message for all of humanity on December 21, 2012. You may not care about what I say now. You will care about what I say then. When the false promises of others remain unfulfilled I will still be here to help you find the truth.  I am not the one you asked for. I am not the one you expect. I am merely the one who was sent.

                                                                       In True Faith,

                                                                       The Prophet of Life

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