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World Blog Day Humanity and Food

World Blog Day Humanity and Food

Humanity & Food
By The Prophet of Life
Humanity has always valued food. From the days when humanity consisted entirely of societies of hunter-gatherers to the genetically engineered food offerings of today food has always been a driving force in the mind of humanity. Battles have been won or lost by a shortage of it, whole communities have been wiped out due to a combination of droughts, floods and a lack of preservation and storage of food. The health and mortality of entire nations is decided every day by the quantity and quality of food available to its citizens.

The future of food looks pretty bleak but it doesn’t have to be that way. Here is a glimpse into the future if humanity continues to over populate, pollute the planet and mishandle food.

As the number of people on this planet continues to expand exponentially, the demand for food will out pace our ability and resources to produce it. Food will ultimately be the determining factor for sustenance and survival. Some will have more than enough, others will have barely enough for sustenance and still others will simply starve to death just as people on this planet have for centuries.

It has been written that the meek shall inherit the earth. That, however, is only the first part of the proverb. The whole proverb says “The meek shall inherit the earth after the selfish and greedy have drained and polluted it.”

As demand for food increases so will questionable practices of those producing it. Those who can afford fresh, authentically organic food will eat well. The rest of us will be left with inorganic, sub- par quality food that is loaded with spices and preservatives to make it palatable. After a few generations of this, our great grandchildren shall be kept anemically alive, like zombie slaves who work to survive despite the polluted, foul stench of a genetically engineered planet they have inherited.

The time to change is now. We can change this bleak portrayal by simply caring about ourselves and our planet. We can teach our children to respect themselves enough to be selective in their choice of sexual partners and to care enough to have protected sex. We can work both collectively and as individuals to reduce our carbon foot print.  We can preserve and protect nature. We can conserve, recycle and re-use natural resources. We can cultivate a healthier diet. We can work together as one race, the human race to heal the planet, heal the food chain and heal ourselves in the process. The time for selfish thinking is over. The time for thinking globally and acting locally is in the middle of its tenure. The time for thinking and acting cooperatively is about to dawn.

The time for counting on God to come out of the sky and rescue us is over. God will not come to our rescue. God has, however, given us the ability to rescue ourselves. The answers we seek have been with us all the time in the wealth of cultures past and present and the knowledge and wisdom they possess. The solution to our problems does not lie in the knowledge and resources of any one culture or nation but in the knowledge and resources of all of them, both ancient and modern.  We have the power to determine our future.  Our actions today will determine our benefits or consequences tomorrow.  Be it feast or famine, the future shall be a heaven or hell of our own making.

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