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Revelations of 2012: Chapter 1: You & Your Path

Revelations of 2012: Chapter 1: You & Your Path

                                               Revelations of 2012
                                            Modern Day Prophecy
                                               You and Your Path
“We are all on separate journeys through our life experience. No matter what our faith we take this journey as individuals.”
     Welcome to your life. Your life is a journey. On your journey you will encounter joy, pain, good times and bad. Wonderful things will happen to you. Horrible things will happen to you. You will cherish the ones you come to love. You will lose the ones you love. You may even lose yourself for a time.
     In the time that you are here, in the time that you are taking this journey, you will be faced with many choices. Some you will make wisely, others you will make foolishly. Still others will be made for you, by others, by happenstance and by unseen forces. This is all a normal part of your experience here. All who live must go through both positive and negative experiences. All people have control over some experiences. All people have no control over other experiences.  You cannot always control what happens to you but you can control how you react to it, how it affects you and what you learn from it. 
    On your journey you will be presented with different paths that you can take. Each path will take you to a different destination. You will be given opportunities to change the path you are on. You will be given warnings. You can always make adjustments and change course. Where you end up will be determined by your ability to hear, heed and correctly react to the warnings you receive and the choices you make. What you take away from your journey will depend on your ability to learn from your mistakes and to grow into a spiritually balanced being.
     I come to you, not as an apostle but as a carrier of The Word. I am not extraordinary but merely a person, as you are. I have lived these many years toiling for my daily bread as you do. There is nothing outstanding in my appearance or demeanor. If you passed me on the street you would not give me a second glance. If you interacted with me you would not give me a second thought. I am however, beyond your perception of me.
     I do not come to mock The Prophets who have come before me, nor to defile the sanctity of their original writings or sayings. Nor do I come to defile the religions that were established in their name, as all of them represent an interpretation of faith in The Lord. Those who have come before me, in their original manuscripts and spoken words have had the part of The Word reveled to them that was right for the time in which they existed. As they have lighted the way for those who came after them, I exist only to light the way for those who shall come after me.
     The Word is not ever changing. The ability of humankind to comprehend it accurately comes in increments over generations and decades and centuries and millennia. What follows is merely the latest installment in an evolving book of revelation in human understanding. This volume is not meant to, nor does it cancel The Word as written and spoken by The Prophets in their original form. They all provide eternal truths that are pieces to the puzzle. One day, there shall be an interfaith tribunal in which scholars from various faiths will discuss and argue and in the end, determine which parts of the word are the pieces that humankind needs to realize a deeper understanding of our relationship with God.   
     Humanity has continued to evolve. The Lord has heard your cries, your prayers and your questions. This volume is meant to provide you with an understanding of how the universe works, how The Lord works and where you fit into the grand scheme of things. It is only now that humankind has evolved enough both spiritually and intellectually to have these particular truths revealed. This will not complete the puzzle but will complete the next part that humanity needs in its evolution. In this age of cyberspace, this volume is being published in printed form, set into modern stone, so to speak, so that the original printing of this transcript can be used as source material before it is inevitably altered through interpretations and abridgements. The original language of this volume is 21st century American English.
     As I stated before, each of The Prophets before me were revealed the part of The Word that was right for humanity at their place in time.  Religious scholars and clerics have subsequently interpreted, modified and updated their writing and sayings based on the evolving needs of those who followed their religions. Schisms have occurred within religions that have caused splinter groups, and sects to develop based on a different interpretation of the original religion. Instead of the followers of different faiths following the original teachings of those faiths and living with tolerance and respect for others, they live with intolerance and disrespect. Religion has become a source of friction which now results in violence and bloodshed in the name of God. This displeases The Lord more than you can fathom.

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