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Revelations of 2012: Chapter 3: God Part 1

Revelations of 2012: Chapter 3: God Part 1

       The Nature of The Lord
“For The Lord so loves all of life, that all living beings are endowed with a part of The Lord”
     Everyone whether they realize it or not, believes in a higher power. Different philosophies have different names for this higher power. I call this higher power The Lord. The sum total of mankind's knowledge of The Lord probably consists of 137 pieces of a thousand piece puzzle. The essence of The Lord does not change, mankind's perception of The Lord does.  The human race has come to a greater understanding of themselves and The Lord in increments over long periods of time.
     The Lord exists in the past present and future simultaneously. This is why humanity needs to learn The Lord’s Word in increments over time, because while The Lord exists in the past, present and future simultaneously, we are limited to one plane of existence. We as a race (humanity) have existed in the past, exist in the present and will exist in the future but we as single beings exist on one plane of existence. We call it our present. We have a past and a future but in the grand scheme of time the period of our individual existence is so miniscule that it equals the present. Most of us do not have the ability to bend the time / space continuum and go back in time and change things. Most of us do not have the ability to go into the future and see what it holds. Some of us can however, through clairvoyance see into the future and all of us can, to some extent revisit the past through our memories.
     The Lord is neither male nor female. The Lord is neither human, nor animal, nor plant, nor mineral. Humanity tends to look at The Lord as a person or being but The Lord is actually a force that can manifest itself as a being but doesn’t have to. The Lord is everywhere where life is present. The Lord has a spiritual presence where life is not present. Every living being on this planet and everywhere else has a direct connection to The Lord.
     The Lord has a presence on other planets, in other solar systems and in other galaxies. The Lord is known to many of the beings that live throughout our universe & beyond. The Lord is not known by the same name but The Lord is known and The Lord’s presence is felt. The Creation story is not unique to humanity and is common among life forms on many other planets. A resurrection and future return scenario, similar to the Christ story is also common. Not all beings, all of their cultures or all planets know of The Lord or believe in The Lord.
   All living and spiritual beings are endowed with a part of God. We all have a God gene in our DNA, not in our physical DNA, in our spiritual DNA All of the living beings in our universe and beyond are also endowed with The Lord’s spiritual DNA.
   One day, scientists will be able to quantify, locate and measure it. Knowing that each  living being is endowed with a part of God can help you understand how God works.
          The Lord is a puzzle. We are all pieces of the puzzle. We are everyone who is alive, has ever lived and who ever shall live. We are human but we are beyond human. We are plants, animals and every living thing known and unknown to humanity and on planets and galaxies and dimensions beyond our earth.
     The part of The Lord that is in our spiritual DNA is in everyone and everything else’s spiritual DNA. To save a life is to save a piece of the puzzle. To take a life is to take a piece of the puzzle. Life is precious beyond the value of living. All life is precious in the experience that it brings to the universe and to The Lord.
    The Lord is not one being. The Lord is the sum total of all beings, past present and future.  The Lord’s Time is multifaceted. Past, present and future exist simultaneously. Human time is only lived in the present. That is why The Lord can only be revealed to humankind in increments, because the pieces of the puzzle form a picture in succession and not all of the pieces have been revealed yet, since not all beings have lived yet.
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