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Revelations of 2012: Chapter 4: The Lord Communicates With Everyone

Revelations of 2012: Chapter 4: The Lord Communicates With Everyone

The Lord Communicates With Everyone
“Everyone receives messages from The Lord.”
     The Lord communicates with everyone, but how do you determine what the message is?  Some messages are meant for individuals, others for communities. Some messages are obvious, some not so. There are certain things The Lord will never send you a message to do, to kill someone, to rape someone, to molest someone, to bully or harm someone or something. These are all ideas created by the person who is perpetrating them. They may claim “God told them to do it” but they are being deluded into thinking that by something other than God (probably their own ego).
     Why, you may ask, are despots allowed to run nations into ruins? There may be no message because the people of that nation allowed that despot to take and hold power. On the other hand, there could be a message to the population of that nation, “You allowed this person to do all this, if you want it to stop, you must stop it.”
     There are some places in the world that just get hammered by a succession of bad events. Some may ask, “Why does God allow this? “ Others may believe that God is punishing the people of that place for past or present evils they have done. In reality, that may not be the message at all. The message may be to the rest of the world “These people need help, why aren’t you helping them?”
     The Lord messages are almost often positive and beneficial. They ask you to take a positive action, sometimes benefitting yourself but more often, benefitting others. The Lord takes care of all of us, we just don’t always see how. Sometimes The Lord gives a message to another individual who is being asked to act as an Agent of The Lord in a particular instance.
     Knowing this can help you learn to read the messages from The Lord that are not always obvious. Instead of waiting for The Lord to come out of the sky and rescue you from your situation, or expecting a voice to come thundering down from the heavens, you can learn to see where your salvation lies by listening to other people who have no reason to point you towards it. You don’t need to seek them out; they will seek you out, either from concern or observation.
     Often, people who know you and are truly concerned about your welfare will tell you to do something beneficial for yourself. It can be something as simple as “Go on a diet.” to as profound as “You need to see your doctor.” Most people will ignore those in their lives who advise them to do something that they know is beneficial but that they feel is too difficult or time consuming. What they don’t realize is that The Lord often imbues people being used as agents with a sense of urgency or passion, so that they will pass on the message in a way which allows the recipient to really here it. It is often the recipient who ignores the message because they don’t perceive it as a potential message from The Lord but as an over concern or even a put down from someone they know cares about them but who’s advice and messages they regularly discount.
     It is important to remember that Agents of The Lord are merely messengers, not psychiatric social workers. They are merely people, not angels. They deliver the message the best way they know how, often not even knowing they are the Lord’s Agent in that instance. They are, therefore, prone to making errors. It is best to listen to the message without judging it by your impression of the messenger.
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