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Revelations of 2012: Chapter 9: Changing The World

Revelations of 2012: Chapter 9: Changing The World

                                                       Changing The World
                        "The World is Changed by Simple Ideas Put Into Practice"
     Grand plans don’t change the world. The world is changed by a simple idea put into practice. This has been true since the dawn of human existence and continues to be true today.  The simple idea of something greater than ourselves gave us God. The simple idea of living together gave us communities and, in time, nations. The simple idea of helping others in need gave us charity on an international and even global level.
    A simple idea is like a seed. Once planted in the minds of others, it spreads until eventually, someone acts upon it. Then another person acts upon it.  Then another, and another, until millions put it into practice and make it a part of human reality.
     The Lord sends prophets to be seeds. As those who have come before me, I am merely planting the ideas The Lord sends to me into the minds of humanity.  Over time they will spread and in time, some-one will act on them and begin the cycle until millions put them into practice. The simple idea that The Lord so loves all of life, that all living beings are endowed with a part of The Lord will, over time change the way humanity views The Lord, themselves and all other living beings.
     The Simple idea that The Lord acts through agents and that all of us act as Agents of The Lord can help us all listen to others, help one another and be more considerate.  It uplifts even those who are the greatest sinners among us to the higher purpose of serving as an example to keep those who “get” the message from repeating their mistakes.
     You don’t have to be a prophet or a mover and shaker to change the world. Anyone can change the world with a simple idea. One person who decides one day to say hello to five different strangers they pass on the street can also change the world. If those five people tell their families and they and their family members decide to say hello to at least five different strangers they pass on the street and all of the people they say hello to do the same and this repeats everyday with all of them, within a relatively short period of time, millions of people will be touched. In time, the world will become a little more civil, prejudices will break down and people will feel a little more sympathetic towards each other because what starts with hello, will eventually blossom into conversations and knowledge and friendships.
     So take up the challenge. Take one positive, simple idea and put it into practice. Watch it spread over time. See the world get just a little better. If you can’t come up with a simple idea on your own, assist someone else in putting their positive simple idea into practice. Have the satisfaction of knowing that you contributed something to the world that made it just a little more livable. 
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