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Revelations of 2012: Chapter 10: The Path To Heaven

Revelations of 2012: Chapter 10: The Path To Heaven

The Path to Heaven
                         “If you want to enter heaven, leave your ego at the gate.”
The Lord loves religion. The Lord loves religious people. Deeply religious, pious people are not only people who stand up for their belief in The Lord they are also the pillars of any community they are a part of. People who are deeply religious have an advantage when it comes to getting into heaven. Their religion provides them with a way to enter heaven. They believe it and when they die, their spirit can use it. Their religious belief provides them with a path to Heaven.
     For 99% of the human race, the path chosen by their religious belief is the path used. Each religion has its own path to heaven, governed by its own rules. Generally, your path to Heaven is governed by the rules that govern the path you choose while you are a guest here in this life and on this particular planet.
    Despite what you may have read or heard elsewhere, there are many paths to Heaven. Others have claimed that their way is the only way to Heaven but this stems more from a desire to attract followers to their religion than from divine inspiration. Also remember, most Prophets who have come before me either didn’t put their knowledge into written form themselves or most or some of their original writings have been lost to us. I am putting the things that I have been sent into written form but I know that in time, my original writings are likely to vanish or be adulterated by others after my time on this planet has expired.
     The Lord is an equal opportunity lover. The Lord loves all souls despite the form of embodiment that they take in their life. Please remember that not all souls live in human form but they are still equal in the eyes of The Lord, even if humankind doesn’t consider them equals.
    Just as The Lord loves those who are religious, The Lord loves those who are not religious. There are a great many people who are affiliated with a religion and not practicing or are not affiliated with any religion at all. Do you honestly believe that a loving God could condemn them just because they never saw the light? If you truly believe that The Lord is the most benevolent being in the universe, how could you believe that everyone who was not religious was going to Hell? That every infant, child or person who died before they could get saved by a religion would all have to suffer the same fate despite the fact that they were either innocent or lived a righteous life? I wouldn’t condemn them and I am not The Lord. Not condemning them would make me more benevolent than The Lord. The simple truth is, I cannot possibly be more benevolent than The Lord, and therefore, The Lord would not condemn them either.
     Right about now, you may be thinking to yourself, “So where is the justice?” How can someone who has not been religious and pious all of their lives get into Heaven when they didn’t put in the work that I did?  The justice is in the essence of the soul and in the grand scheme of things.
     All are judged by what they have been given from the start of their existence and what they have done with it. All souls come into this life imbued with certain talents and handicaps. They are born into certain environments. They are like raw materials in the beginning, and the sum total of their life at its end is the finished product.
     All souls, in their purest form, journey from The Lord into this life. Souls in their purest form have, built into them a Spiritual Blueprint which knows the difference from right and wrong. This Spiritual Blueprint allows each soul the ability to have a conscience. This combined with the God Gene in their Spiritual DNA allows all souls to directly communicate with and receive direct communications from The Lord and have the conscience to prevent the living beings they are part of, from performing incorrect actions.
     Incorrect actions are those which displease The Lord. Actions that do harm unto others in any way or form displease The Lord. This would also include standing by and allowing others to perform actions that harm others. The Lord loves harmony, tolerance and compassion. Those who are tolerant and compassionate tend to live in harmony with their neighbors. Harmony, tolerance and compassion however, must be combined with courage, fairness and honesty. Those who are fair and honest and have the courage to stand up to others to insure that fairness and honesty prevail help insure that justice too can prevail. Someone who is tolerant and compassionate might tolerate a neighbor who beats his children for the sake of maintaining harmony with that neighbor. Someone who is tolerant, compassionate, honest, fair and courageous might have compassion for the beater but would also have compassion for the children and would have the courage to call in the authorities to make sure the beatings were stopped and the needs of both the beater and beaten addressed.
     Souls in their purest form know right from wrong. They know what pleases The Lord. They are born into this life with talents and handicaps and into a particular environment. So, how do so many go wrong? The talents and handicaps combined with the environment and life experiences add a lot of extra baggage to the soul.
The complete soul of a living being has three parts which mirror an atom. There is a nucleus with two parts the Pure or Original Soul and the God Gene surrounded by a protective outer layer called the spirit. The Pure / Original Soul known as your Perfect Soul, is positively charged. The Spiritual DNA God Gene has no charge. The Spirit is negatively charged.
     The purpose of the positively charged Perfect Soul is to record what talents and handicaps you have been given, informing your spirit what is right and what is wrong and determining what your spirit needs to do to return to The Lord’s presence at the end of your life. The purpose of the non charged God Gene / Spiritual DNA is to act as a conduit for direct communication with The Lord. The Purpose of your negatively charged, outer layer, spirit is to absorb the impacts that life experiences have upon you, thereby creating a unique individual personality but also protecting the Perfect Soul and God Gene from the impact of life experiences.  Over time, your spirit can get clogged with all of the crap that your life experience has taught you.
     When you pass from this worldly plain, your Perfect Soul, which is actually a very small ball of light, will eventually return to The Lord (for many, this is what is commonly referred to as Heaven). There can be no crap in the presence of The Lord. So how do these tiny balls of light with crap filled filters enter Heaven? There are more stringent filters surrounding Heaven. Only souls in their pure form can return. In order to enter Heaven, the crap has to be filtered out.
     Your Perfect Soul uses a blueprint to determine what correct actions and what incorrect actions you have performed in your life. The blueprint goes by the rules The Lord designed. Not the rules you lived by. Not the rules you were taught and for some, not the rules your religion taught you. When you pass on, your Soul in its purest form, not your crap cluttered Spirit controls your fate. It determines what you have done right and done wrong. It determines the reward or punishment you will experience.
    Once the reward or punishment have been determined and completed, your spirit can be cleansed and merges with your Perfect Soul & God Gene, forming a new embryo similar to worldly birth and creating a new, Enhanced Soul that can pass through the filter into Heaven. The Perfect Soul becomes the recorder of the life experiences and the cleansed Spirit becomes the memory of the life lived and lessons learned. The God Gene folds into the soul and acts as a direct communication device.
     As each soul brings what it has learned from its life experience, that which is God is enriched but the soul that comes to God is not the soul you have lived with, it is the soul you were born with, enriched by your life experience but not tainted by it. God does not evolve, neither does the soul you were born with as they are a constant and evolved far beyond human beings.
     Your belief system may play a role and often it plays a great role in the type of reward or punishment you will receive.  Bear in mind however, that it will be a Heaven or Hell of your own making. If you believe that Heaven is a place in the clouds populated by Angels and all of your loved ones that is what you will experience when your pure form soul determines you are ready to go there. However, if you believe that Hell is fire and brimstone, you may end up going there at least until your Pure Soul determines that it is time for you to return to The Lord. If, on the other hand, you believe that you will be reincarnated, then that is what will happen to you when your Perfect Soul determines it is time.
     So, while you are here, put in the work. Live your life but try and make things better for not only yourself and those you care for but for everyone who is here now and everyone who will be here in the future. The world is at a crossroads. We have within our control, the power to destroy ourselves and this planet. The human race can do this quickly through global nuclear war or slowly through mega pollution. Both of these paths are deadly, one is just quicker than the other. Your actions while you are here help determine the actions of everyone else. Just as your actions will determine your future, the actions of mankind will affect the future of mankind. The journey to Heaven begins with the steps you take today.
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