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Revelations of 2012: Psalms: God Is Love

Revelations of 2012: Psalms: God Is Love

God Is Love
God is love
God is peace
God is beauty
In man and plant and beast
God is justice
God is compassion
God is beyond all things that you can imagine
Cause God is love
God watches over me
Guides me towards the path of right
Wraps loving arms around me
And cherishes my life
God is hope
God is faith
We are the benefactors
Of all that God creates
God is our future
God is our past
The One and only
The first and the last
And God is love
(Repeat Chorus)
God is caring
God is sharing
God is strength
God is faith
God is the smile
On the face of humankind
God is the uplifting thought
That just went through your mind
God is hope
God is wisdom
God’s in your friends
Whenever you need them
God is salvation
God is our friend
God is all that’s good
God’s love never ends
Cause God is love
(Repeat Chorus)
God is the life force
God is above
God is all around us
Cause God is love
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