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Revelations of 2012: Psalms: Everybody Makes A Difference

Revelations of 2012: Psalms: Everybody Makes A Difference

Everybody Makes A Difference
Everybody makes a difference
Everyone can be a star
Everybody is important
No matter who or what they are
Everyone can be a hero
We all get a chance to shine
Everybody makes an impact
On their own space and time
Everybody makes a difference
In everything they do and say
Everyone leaves their mark on humanity
Before they pass away
Everyone has something special
That sets them apart from the pack
That fills a void lying somewhere in this world
Gives strength where strength has lacked
Everybody makes a difference
All unique but equal
Everybody plays a part in the positive force
That watches over us all
Everybody is a treasure
Everyone is beautiful
Everyone is born in goodness
And there is good in every soul
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