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A Prophet of Life Memorial Tribute to John Lennon

A Prophet of Life Memorial Tribute to John Lennon

October 9, 2011

John Lennon would have been 71 today. His life and his legacy are beyond that of a mere singer, band member, recording artist or songwriter because although John Lennon was all of these things, he was far beyond them. With his songs, his art and his actions he championed peace, revolution and equality. He was an idealist and a creator. His artistry helped reshape the way many of us see the world. Everyone who hears songs like Imagine, Instant Karma, In My Life, Give Peace A Chance, or Woman cannot help but be either moved, inspired or both. The fact that he took a stand for peace and did outrageous things to publicize it made him an icon that made a difference. As long as there are machines or people who play music the world will not forget John Lennon. 

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