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By What Measure Is Success Defined?

By What Measure Is Success Defined?

By What Measure Is Success Defined?
Two different families lost their homes. They both downsized and moved into an apartment. Both families have a breadwinner. The perception of each of these two breadwinners had a profound effect on the outcomes of these two families.
The breadwinner of the first family blamed others for his situation. He grumbled and complained about his misfortune to anyone who would listen. In a short time, people who were his friends walked the other way when they saw him because they were tired of hearing his complaints. He became bitter and saw little hope for any improvement in the future. It scarred him deeply that he could not provide the little extras for his family that helped make life more bearable. He dragged himself to work everyday, resentful that he had been repeatedly passed over for the promotion that would raise his fortunes up from the quagmire he was living in and might have prevented him from losing his home in the first place. His grumbling, resentful nature affected his performance at work. In a few months he was let go from his job. Soon after that, he was facing the very real prospect of becoming homeless. He saw no hope for any improvement in the future. He feared the thought of being homeless. He felt like a total failure. The day after the eviction notice came, he killed himself. His wife and two children were left having to face homelessness without him.
The breadwinner of the other family was initially devastated by the loss and his friends also know what has happened to him. He didn’t dwell on it though and looked at the loss as an opportunity to learn from mistakes he made so he wouldn’t make them again. He looked for something to be happy about every day. He often found at least one thing to be happy for each day which made him see the good things in his life. This made him grateful for the blessings he did have in his life. When he went to work, he was his usual positive cheerful self. Some of the people at his work knew what he had been through and his ability to stay positive in spite of his circumstances made them sympathize with him. When a chance for a promotion came up his boss realized that he had come through a difficult time and it hadn’t affected his excellent performance. He was given the promotion. He was frugal with the extra money he made and saved a good amount of it so he could afford to put a good down payment on another house. Within a couple of years, he and his family bought another home.
Why did one breadwinner find success and the other perish? Simply put, it was their perception. While one breadwinner blamed others for their misfortunes and saw things through a completely negative light, the other sought out the lesson in their misfortune. They learned from the lesson and followed through by following the knowledge gained from the experience with the appropriate actions.
Life is a series of learning experiences. The Ups, the downs, the triumphs and tragedies are all meant to teach lessons through the experiences they yield along with the potential lessons that are available for those who are looking for them. How often have the mighty been brought down? Some are brought down for good, others are brought down only to arise again stronger than before.
How often have the greatest triumphs arisen from the ashes of the greatest tragedies? The greatest triumphs are those which are the hardest to conquer. Many times they demonstrate the real strength of the human spirit. They can also be the greatest teachers.
Since people live their lives as a member of the human community, you don’t even have to go through the tragedies yourself. There are lots of opportunities to learn from the experiences of others whether you read about them, see them on T.V. or in a movie or witness an event yourself.
Even though the lessons are all around us, so many people don’t realize that there is a lesson to be learned. This is because they are not looking for lessons outside of a formal classroom at an institution of learning. They don’t realize that life is a classroom and everything that happens to you, everyone you know and everyone you see or hear about is a potential lesson.
So many people spend their lives chasing after dreams of fame or fortune. They invest their time and their money to hone a skill or talent that they believe will help them achieve their goal. Some of them even achieve their goal but unless they have learned the lessons their life experiences were meant to teach them, they don’t achieve the happiness and fulfillment that comes with finding your true calling. They aren’t able to hold onto the fame or the money because they have not developed the life skills necessary to weather life’s storms.
 The truly wealthy people in life are those who learn the lessons their life experiences are meant to teach them. Many of them are successful in whatever endeavors they undertake because they learn from their mistakes and grow beyond them. If they lose everything, they have the foundation to weather the storm and the faith to believe that success will come again. They also have the knowledge to put together a plan to arise from the ashes and the gratitude to be happy with whatever they have which helps sustain them through the sacrifice needed to put their plan into action. 
In True Faith, 
The Prophet of Life
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