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A Tribute To Mothers Everywhere

A Tribute To Mothers Everywhere

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A Tribute to Mothers Everywhere

No Matter what language you speak
Mother Is spelled LOVE
Where would you be without your mother?
You would not be here.
In many cultures mothers are seen as the child bearers
But in reality they are the Life Givers
Because they not only bear children but nurture and raise them as well
And for many, a mother’s love is the only human love that is unconditional
And the only love from another human being that has endured throughout their lives
Even those who don’t know who their father is know who their mother is
So if your mother is alive
Hug her 
If she is far away, call her
You know she would always do the same for you
If she has passed on
Remember her
Say a prayer for her
She may not have been perfect
But she always did the best she could
I will close with lyrics about mothers
From a song I wrote Called “Hope Is The Answer”
Woman is a mother
She’s got a lot of mouths to feed
Feels like a martyr
Frustration is what she bleeds
So many disappointments
Yet her faith it keeps her strong
Kids need someone to look up to
In times of desperation
To all the mothers out there…
Have a very happy and loving mother’s day. 
In True Faith
The Prophet of Life
 Copyright 2013 Love Force International Publishing Company. All Rights Reserved.

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