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Religion and God

Religion and God

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A Quote From The Prophet of Life Regarding God & Religion
“You don't have to be religious to find God because religion is not God, it is man's interpretation of God. In reality God communicates with everyone including you, it is just that many people either aren't aware of this or don't know "how" God communicates with them so they don't think it is God that is communicating. Many people join a religion because they need the structure or because they want to be "saved" and many religions tell you they have an exclusive path to God. This is not true. Religions usually are founded based on the teachings of a particular prophet. God reveals that which is God to humanity in increments over long periods of time that correspond with humanities development. Humanity gets what it needs and we learn a little more each time. So go ahead and join your church but remember the church is not God. If you want to find God search within yourself and look at your life and figure out when God has been communicating with you and what those messages were.”
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