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Inspirational Thoughts

Inspirational Thoughts

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Here are 13 Inspirational thoughts to give you something to think about when you have a bad day or just want something to think about.  Each one can open up worlds of thought.. 
1.   Love heals the world one heart at a time
2.   Revolution is evolution
3.   Those who have done the impossible often didn’t know it was impossible when they did it.
4.   Decisions made in anger can yield a lifetime of regret
5.   Since everyone is worthy of God’s love, no one is worthless.
6.   God’s love surpasses all of the horrible, cruel things done by humanity.
7.   Your perception determines your reality. Change your perception and you can change your reality.
8.   Even the poorest among us deserve the dignity of equality.
9.   The way to defeat a bully is to take all aspects of control away from them.
10.  True faith does not depend on miracles or wish fulfillment to sustain itself.
11.  When you are one with the universe, the universe replies with total acceptance.
12.  The future isn’t hard to predict. Your actions today determine your benefits or consequences tomorrow.
13.  Inside every pessimist is an optimist waiting to be liberated.
In True Faith,
The Prophet of Life
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