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Life Lessons

Life Lessons

Life Lessons
“Life is a never ending series of lessons.”
    The Lord speaks volumes to each of us. Most of us never listen. There are many times in our lives that we are given opportunities to learn life lessons. Sometimes they are presented to us as things that are told to us, seen by us or that happen to us. We are meant to learn from them.  Life lessons, however, go beyond our own experience. We must also learn from the experiences of others. We often see people, some that we know, others that we do not know, making mistakes. We are meant to learn from their mistakes as well.
     Someone you know might say or do something that has dire consequences for them. Sometimes the event that befalls them is the crescendo of a series of bad decisions and stupid, impulsive acts. Other times, it is the result of one catastrophically bad decision or act. The child who touches the hot stove and burns their hand, the teenager who beats another and ends up in jail or the adult who drives drunk and runs over somebody all should learn a lesson themselves but so should those around them. In the grand scheme of things, sometimes people who suffer dire consequences are meant to serve as an example and / or a warning for others. Those who do not learn from others mistakes may be bound to repeat them. Those who learn from the mistakes of others may be saved from the consequences that befall others.
    As each person is supposed to learn from their mistakes, so too are communities of people, be they neighborhoods, cities or nations, must learn from their mistakes and the mistakes of others. The mistakes of ourselves and others have been handed down for millennia in the form of oral and written histories. There is a direct correlation between mistakes made by communities (many of them now extinct) in the past and what communities in the present and future do. Knowing the history of your own people as well as that of other people can broaden your community’s horizons and can provide more possibilities of solving problems. There are many peoples in this world but in reality there is but one race, human. Humans must learn from the mistakes of the human race and not be confined to studying the trials and tribulations of one segment of it.
      So study. Study people and events in your daily life. Study events in the local, national and international news. Study the histories of various cultures. The lessons are there for you to learn from. The broader your education is, the more well rounded your knowledge and experience is. The broader your education, the more enriched is the Soul you return to The Lord.
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